The submitted information will be connected to the appropriate Torrens Title dealing affecting the ownership details of land or a strata or community title unit when that dealing is lodged for registration at NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS). Submission of this information within 30 days of a notifiable event and its connection to the relevant dealing or instrument will satisfy the following legislative provisions:

  • Local Government Act, 1993: section 604
  • Valuation of Land Act, 1916: section 71
  • Local Land Services Regulation, 2014: clause 24
  • Conveyancing Act, 1919: section 184E
  • Real Property Act, 1900

Purpose for which the supply of Notice of Sale information may not be used.

  • Transfers of Crown holdings under the Crown Lands Act 1989 (eg, permissive occupancies, road closures) or of any rateable lands which are not registered at NSW LRS.
  • Occupation (as distinct from ownership) of land rateable by Local Land Services.
  • To change ownership of a Water Access Licence (WAL) holder.

In the above cases, the new owner's details must be advised directly to the prescribed authorities on the prescribed form.

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