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NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS)

Changes to email addresses and websites by 1 December 2017

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New email addresses


Our email addresses have changed and now end with

Please update your contact lists to reflect this change, our previous email addresses will  no longer work after 15 December 2017.

New domain names by 1 December 2017

Our domain names will change as follows:


Current (old) Domain Name

New Domain from 1 Dec 2017

NSW LRS Website

Registrar General’s Guidelines

NSW LRS Online Portal 

NSW LRS Status Page  

If you have our old domain names saved in your favourites or bookmarks,  you will need to update them.

Having problems accessing our online services?

To check on the status of  our online services or to see if you may be impacted by any planned works, please visit  our  Service Status page.