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NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS)

Planned outage for NSW LRS 

  • There are no scheduled outages for the NSW LRS Online Portal


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New land records added to HLRV; Miscellaneous Register and Indexes

Historians and family tree researchers in NSW will now be able to search the expanded Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV) for documents recorded in the Miscellaneous Register and Indexes. To find out more visit

Property information available for free

NSW LRS offers a range of free property searches to find registry information including title and street address identifiers, land value searches, plans, cadastral records and survey marks.

More comprehensive information and professional support is available through our network of authorised Information Brokers. Brokers provide specialised support to assist with accessing a wider range of NSW LRS records.

Free searches available include

  • Street address inquiry - Find a title reference using a street address
  • Reverse street address inquiry - Find a street address using a title reference
  • Water Access Licence inquiry - Provides details such as the current edition number of the Water Access Licence, who the Water Access Licence was delivered to, the date of issue and the status date.
  • Document inquiry - Check the status of a dealing, deposited plan, strata plan, primary application, or conversion action which are lodged or registered with NSW LRS.
  • Plan inquiry - Shows plan details including plan purpose, lot numbers, registration date, surveyor and council approval details. There is limited information for plans lodged before 1999.
  • Deed name and number search – Find deeds linked to a person or company such as a Power of Attorney or a deed for an Old System property. This search can only be performed on deeds registered in the vendors index with NSW LRS since January 1987 and Purchasers index from 1986.
  • Land value search for owners - Provides land owners with recent land valuation information. Complete the first page to obtain a key, then proceed with the search.
  • Cadastral Records Enquiry (CRE) search - Shows cadastral information for a property, including surrounding lot and plan numbers, street names, and local government authority boundaries.

Free services include:

  • Electronic Notice of Sale (eNOS) – Members of the public can create, update and view eNOS transactions (passkey and relevant details required).
  • Historical Land Registry Viewer (HLRV) – Search and view historical maps, plans, titles and indexes.


Having problems accessing our online services?

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