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General Topics

A: NSW LRS Online is owned and managed by NSW Land Registry Services

A: The NSW LRS Online portal terms and conditions outline the expectation of NSW LRS from the user and vice versa. To access the site, all users must accept the terms and conditions prior to entering the site. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, do not select ‘I accept’ and ‘Proceed’ but exit out of the site by closing the web page.

A: The site doesn’t require a log in to access free services such as eNOS, HLRV and titling indexes. Log in access is limited to NSW LRS staff and its authorised users.

Find Records

A: Titling products can be purchased through NSW LRS’ network approved information brokers. Please refer to the ‘Where can I find an Information Broker?’ question for a list of Information Brokers.

A: A list of NSW LRS' network of approved Information Brokers can be found on the NSW LRS website.



A : The HLRV provides online access to more than 2.5 million images of historical maps, plans and indexes.

You can use the HLRV to search for images using keywords or by specific attributes such as reference numbers and map names.

Images available from this service are in JPEG 2000 format. The images available from this service include mapping collections from LTO Charting Maps, Regional Charting Maps and Crown Lands Status Branch Maps.

You can access the HLRV directly by following the link

A : Please refer to the Electronic Notice of Sale (eNOS) fact sheet for more information.